The Retreat Location

Nothern Alps 1.5 h south of Munich

Accommodation at the beautiful Messnerhof Camp

Maximum 20 participants

Wim Hof & Himalaya Yoga Retreat

March 23rd – 27th 2022

In the Austrian Alps

In the midst of the wild beauty of the Northern Alps, we will connect to our true nature. We will tap into the power and fire within us while also exploring deep silence and pure consciousness. Come with us on this journey of discovery of your own self and experience the full spectrum of existence. In a safe atmosphere you can explore untouched parts of yourself, while being connected to a supportive group. With the Wim Hof Method, we will combine deep breathwork and cold training to overcome our fears and limitations. Through ice bathing we can explore and experience the capabilities that lie dormant in us and feel our body in its full power and health. We will fine-tune and support this process with the ancient yoga from the Himalayas that gives us tools to go deep within and experience the source of our being. The combination of dynamic vinyasa flow yoga, breathwork and energy techniques allow the love and clarity that is in us to emerge.

Our Home will be the beautiful Mesnerhof-Camp, a 400-year-old farmhouse located a 1.5 h south of Munich.

What is Included?


    • Introduction to the Wim Hof Method
    • Wim Hof breathing sessions (basic and advanced)
    • Swimming in ice cold rivers
    • Vinyasa flow yoga sessions
    • Yogic breathwork
    • Meditation 
    • Authentic yogic wisdom
    • Hiking in the incredible nature surrounding the Messnerhof Camp


    • Delicious plant-based food
    • Accommodation at the beautiful Messnerhof Camp in twin and three-bed rooms

The Team

Michael Nuss is an experienced Wim Hof instructor and systemic coach. With great sensitivity he guides us inward navigating the inner terrain with grace. His passion for ice bathing and deep breath work combine perfectly in the Wim Hof method. His teaching style is confident, adventurous and full of joy and fun.

Jonathan Krink loves teaching yoga and does so in a delightful and authentic way. His comprehensive way of sharing yoga  has the power to open the door to our true nature. His enthusiasm for the ancient yogic teachings is captivating and he makes it accessible to anyone.

Rachel Babaganov is a wonderful yoga teacher, health practitioner and an excellent organic chef. She radiates kindness and genuine interest in others. She has a passion for healthy nutrition and well-being and this shows in her unique, vegetarian cooking. Lucky for us she will be the chef on this this trip!

Seminar fee: 899 €

Accomodation: 299 €

How to get there

By car

  • From Munich (approximately 1.5 h) take the A8 south to Holzkirchen. Here take the B13, B307 and B181 to Achenkirch in Tirol, Austria. Then take Steinberg Landesstraße to Steinberg am Rofan.
  • From Insbruck (approximately 1 h) take the A12/E45/E60 east toward Wörgl. At Wiesing take the B181 to Achenkirch. Then take Steinberg Landesstraße to Steinberg am Rofan.


By Train/Bus

  • From Munich Central Station (approximately 4.5 h) take the S3 to Holzkirchen. From here take the BRB to Tegernsee. Change to the bus 9550 Achenkirch Abzw. Steinberg am Rofan in Austria. Change here to bus 7801 and coninue to Steinberg am Rofan Kirche.
  • From Insbruck (approximately 3 h) take the EC/REX 2 to Jennbach. From Jennbach continue by bus to Maurach Mittelschule and then to Achenkirch Abzw. Steinberg am Rofan. Change here to bus 7801 and coninue to Steinberg am Rofan Kirche.


For participation at the retreat, you will need to present a medical certificate or proof of a valid negative test result for SARS-CoV-2, a vaccination certificate or proof of recovery from SARS-CoV-2 issued in German or English language, upon arrival at the retreat.
Please also check the entry regulations for Austria online. The Links are provided below. Please make sure to register for Pre-Travel-Clearance in time if entering Austria from another country.

Seminar fee: 899 €

Accomodation: 299 €